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Saturday, April 23, 2011

In my Garden

I could not resist sharing this.  My pumpkin likes to help me in the garden. Today we planted among other things some strawberry plants.
IMG_3514Tonka TS4000 Steel Dump Truck
Yes that is a Tonka Truck he is using to move the soil in this garden bed.
Hopefully if the weather holds – meaning no lightening, because I am not sweet enough to melt we will be going to Herb and Garden Festival. I plan on getting some heirloom tomatoes, various herbs to replace the ones that did not make it through the blizzards and some delicious soap. 
You know you are a Granola Catholic when your entire family wants to go  to the Herb Festival and has gone every year rain or shine.


Sasha said...

oh I can hardly wait for our own fresh tomatoes and the festival sounds fun. : ) Hope the weather behaves for you all.

granola catholic said...

Thanks Sasha, the weather held off no real down pours just some sprinkles. Lots of good plants. Lots of heirloom tomatoes, and herbs. Best part is running into all my neighbors there.

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