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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Overnight Crock Pot Broth

I believe in Real Food for Real People. Having said that I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes from time to time, and today I have joined up with the ladies at Beauty and Bedlam to share some of their great food too.
Today when my husband told me he was feeling a bit peckish. He has a super busy week with church and work. He tends to get a bit rundown. This is a good nourishing broth to be drunk alone or as a base for soups. I like to freeze some for use later on .

Crock Pot Broth

This is a great recipe to clean out the fridge or freezer. I use whole chickens, turkeys and beef with the bone in. When we have a roast or a bird I will save the carcass or bones in the freezer. I like to also save any ends of vegetables. I just put these in a baggie and throw in the freezer. You can also save those bits of veggies that are not quite enough for a serving.
Throw together in a crockpot any poultry bones. I keep these in the freezer and wait until I have enough to make some broth or stock
Add celery root and leaves. (the part the kids don’t like and you saved in the freezer) It is okay if it is frozen
Add one onion diced
Add enough water to cover all the vegetables and bones
Add some garlic one to three cloves minced (today I used elephant garlic and 2 cloves as one was a little dry) It is important to source your garlic locally or at least organic as most commercial garlic today is produced in China and there is little to no regulation on agriculture there. Better yet grow your own.)
Turmeric – has great anti-inflammatory properties and is all around beneficial
Ginger – is a great antibiotic herb as well as good for nausea.
If the herbs are dried I sprinkle them liberally over the top of the broth.
Add 1- 2 tbsp. of cider vinegar – this helps draw the calcium out of the bones.
After all the ingredients are combined in the crockpot it should look like this IMG_3324
This particular broth is using a turkey back bone.
Let the broth cook for 8-10 hours on low. You can start it after dinner and cook it till breakfast.
After 8-10 hours on low. Drain and strain your broth.  If you wish for a low fat broth go ahead and chill it for a while. Then strain the fat off the top easily. This was a happy turkey so I will leave the fat in this time.
Enjoy now in your favorite recipe or fill mason jars 3/4 full and freeze for later. Although I hardly ever get ahead on my broth. My kids were wanting to have some with their dinner tonight because I had put it on this afternoon.
I just thought I would share what we did with our yummy broth. It was a bit nippy here when we woke up – a cold front had come through. So I decided that it would BE a good soup day after all. ‘
I like that on soup days it is ready in the crockpot whenever anyone wants some. My kids will begin eating it when the come home from school and dh can eat it when he gets home much later.
I had some dried soup mix in the cupboard

Yumminess I picked up at a store with bulk bins. wanted to try this since the one package mix that  I did like ran about $7 a starter kit (yikes – and that was just the dried veggies, grains and seasonings. – no beans or meat). This ran under $2 a pound. Gotta love the bulk bins.
The finished product

We will have this with some nice bread I picked up in the day old bakery section.

For more great recipes and ideas check out Beauty and Bedlam,Traditional Tuesday's

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Every Day Products & More said...
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Carolyn said...

Hi, just recently discovered you blog and I'm persusing back posts. I make my broth similar, I add a nubbin of star ainse to give it a hint of licorice scent.

Do you use just regular mason jars for freezing, or do you need special ones? I tried it once and they cracked on me, I was really mad I had to throw all the good broth out!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

I use regular mason jars but leave plenty of head room for expansion before freezing.

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