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Saturday, June 11, 2011

What is a Catholic Deacon?

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A reader brought up this question and I thought this would be a good time to answer it. You see  G will be ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Church this Pentecost Sunday.

What is a Catholic Deacon? and What does it mean to be a Deacon in the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Deacon has its origins in the Bible. The ministry of the Deacon is traced back to Acts 6 :  The Apostles called the community of the faithful together and asked the community to select seven reputable men filled with the Spirit and wisdom. Today ,Catholic Deacons spend 4 or more years in formation. This formation includes college level courses in  areas including theology,  philosophy,  study of the Holy Scriptures (the Bible), counseling,  pastoral care and ministry before ordination. In addition to their studies many prospective Deacons work in the Parish or Diocese before ordination.
The Deacon has been called the link to the people in the church. He walks in both worlds. He is an ordained member of the clergy but continues his family and work life.

What does a Deacon do?

The primary duty of the Deacon is to proclaim and teach the Gospel. In fact a Deacon is obligated to do so. Deacons also assist with the liturgy of Eucharist. 
While some Deacons work in the parish  others work in ministries for the diocese at large. Deacons report directly to the bishop, much like a priest. 

A Deacon Can 

Once ordained a Deacon can
  • Preach the Gospel
  • Teach
  • Bring Communion
    to others
  • Assist at Mass
  • Witness marriages in the Catholic Church the bride and groom marry each other, the priest or deacon is the witness before God.
  • Baptize
  • Officiate at wake
    and funeral services
This Pentecost Sunday (June 12th, 2011) my husband will be ordained a Deacon in The Catholic Church. We will be starting a new chapter of our life as a family.

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Margaret Almon said...

Thank you for this explanation. I appreciate your taking the time to do this, since I had never heard of Catholic Deacons before.

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