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Friday, September 2, 2011

7 Quick Takes

September is my favorite month. When I was a kid, school never started before September and usually it started the Wednesday after Labor Day. Growing up in Southern New England that meant that the weather had already begun to turn cooler. Today September first at the time of writing this it is 102 degrees, at 7pm.  Seriously weather it is September, I need to break out the cords, and sweaters. Fall is my favorite season by far. I love the crisp morning air.  Lucky for me it looks like September weather will begin arriving this weekend. After a summer of 100 degree temps I am ready!
I am excited for my kids. The girls are both trying new activities this year. Pi has decided to take ballet for the first time at the age of 13 and Pumpkin will be taking tumbling and dance.  I have always been a fan of children not specializing in a sport at a young age. So I am thrilled that my kids are trying something new.  Some people would look at it as quitting a sport, but not at our house. I like the change. It is good for their bodies to switch out sports. In fact is it is very important that they don’t over train at their ages, doing so could result in injuries.
Received a text tonight that reminds me of the power of prayer. A dear friend was in the hospital with a rare disease,  Lemierre syndrome. This disease can be and is often fatal.  She was very nearly near death about a week ago, before being admitted to the hospital via ambulance. Deacon G went to visit her while she was there, to raise her spirits.  I received a text message from her tonight. They are releasing her, to convalesce at home, with supervision. The typical outcome of this disease is a week of antibiotics in the hospital, but it was decided that she would probably get better quicker at home. She told me that according to her doctors she is a miracle,  and mentioned the power of prayer.
I am coaching my son’s U8 soccer team again this year. Actually I have been coaching soccer for most of his life. Every season brings up a new crop of players. This season it looks like I have one of those parents. You know the ones, the one who likes to coach everyone from the sidelines. I think I will need to find him a special job. Any suggestions?
Sometimes, just sometimes it is okay not to make homemade food for your family. Like when it is 105 degrees and you are dead tired from school all day. My sweet husband (ssh don’t tell him, I said that), detected the tiredness in my voice when he called to say he was leaving to come home from work tonight. He offered to pick up something for dinner. Secretly, I think he wanted Mexican. But I can’t complain, we get a meal for two with extra sides of beans and rice and feed a family of 5. We even had leftovers.
Take me Out to the Ball Game. I will be going to my first base ball game (minor league) in about 20 years. What can I say. Baseball has not been the same since Roger Clemens played for the Red Socks.
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My mother lives in an area that has taken a hit from Hurricane Irene. She has been without power since Sunday. She is doing fine, no damage to her house, but living in the country has some drawbacks, she has a well and has been without running water since the power went out.  She is starting to get a little bonkers, and lose her patience with the Electric Company. Understandable. Prayers for her and everyone who has suffered damage or loss of power due to Hurricane Irene would be appreciated.

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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Prayers for your mom and everyone else still without power!!!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Thanks Dwija! There is some hope the street that intersects theirs has power. BTW love your redesign. It looks lovely.

The Kat said...

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Thanks Kat- I will be sure to share that info with everyone. Still praying for continued health for you.

Jenny H said...

Thanks for the visit from SSS hop! I'm your newest follower on gfc!

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