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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Dozen Things I do not Do.

Mom in kids room

I do a lot around here but, I do not do everything.
  • I cook from scratch but I don’t make my own bread. I eat gluten free, so I don’t make bread. For my family I buy locally made bread.
  • I make my own laundry powder and hang up my clothes outside but I do not iron. Really if you hang up clothes outside wet properly they dry almost wrinkle free.
  • I use pastured eggs in my cooking, but I do not raise my own chicken. We did try it once but out of 18 chickens none of them made it through the summer. Instead I buy my eggs from trusted friends.
  • I do sew, making things from vintage cloth, or treasured articles of clothing, But I do not make our own clothing. Though I do repurpose some of them.
  • I did not make my own baby food. I waited for my kids to show the signs that the were ready for solid foods and followed child led weaning. Because of this my kids went straight to Real Food .
  • I do not homeschool. We have people frequently asking me if I do, since my kids are out of school on Mondays. Though we do do a lot of enrichment activities.
  • I do not eat a vegetarian diet, though in the past I have been vegan.  These days I do better on a gluten free diet, with grass fed meat. Due to the price of grass fed meats, we do not eat meat every day, but I do make my own bone broth and use that for soups. Or if you are my daughter you drink the broth straight.
  • I don’t pay car payments. We drive 10 year old cars, that we pay cash for.
  • We don’t’ try to keep up with the Jones.  We bought a 50 year old farm house that we have been fixing up as we go along. We have furnished it with beautiful furniture that we have thrifted. I would take a picture of my beautiful living room, but my son is busy playing in there. I did however find a picture (not the best picture, but will have to do)of  our leather big man recliner and circa 1930's couch that I paid about $150 total for (oh and a matching side chair to the couch)
  • We don’t schedule a ton of activities for our kids. We do let our kids choose one activity each for a season.
  • We don’t buy our kids the latest and great new it  toys.  We only recently bought a WII game Instead we prefer Real Toys for Real Kids
  • I don’t spend a lot of time cleaning my kids rooms or my house. But that is because I have the kids help me.  We assign each kid a room they have responsibility for the week. 
Now it is YOUR turn. What don't you do?

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