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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 We Remember


As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches there is hardly a person alive who doesn’t remember the moment that changed their lives. For me it was surreal. I remember it was a morning like any other morning. I was home with a 1 year old Peanut and and a 3 year old Pi. We had just finished our breakfast and I believe I had the TV on while I folded laundry. A normal everyday. That is until I turned on the TV. The morning news shoes were on.  They were talking about a plane that had crashed into one of the towers. Speculation at that point was that it was a small plane. Coming from North East. I had made many trips to NYC. The idea of a small plane crashing into one of the towers made complete sense for me. I have been in small commuter jets that literally feel like you are flying through the skyscrapers of NYC.
What happened next left me speechless, I while I was watching the fire from the first plane crash in the towers, I saw the second plane crash into the towers. I immediately started tracking down family members in my head. My cousin and his wife lived in Brooklyn and worked in Manhattan. I counted my blessings when I realized that my husband who traveled frequently at that time was ensconced at his office here in Oklahoma. That day was one of a few days that I was grateful to only have our over the air channels, cable was is not available to us and we did not subscribe to satellite.  While it would have been nice to change the channel to something like HGTV, I knew in my heart that if I had 52 channels I would have quickly become a CNN junkie.
So what did I do instead? I felt a great need, nay a desire to get out of the house that day with my girls. We headed out to a park to meet some friends and get away from all the TV coverage. But we kept a watchful eye on the sky, while saying prayers for those directly impacted.
You may be wondering what ever happened to my cousin and his wife who worked in Manhattan. It turns out that my cousin was in Washington D.C. on that day. He had taken the train down for business. He was lucky, because he already had a return train ticket and was able to return home the next day.  His wife went home from work after picking up their daughter from the babysitter and walked more than 5 miles home across the Brooklyn Bridge. All the subways and trains were shut down for the day.  Not long after the events of 9/11 they made plans to move to France.

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