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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pretty Happy Funny Real–Wedding/Cousins Edition

round button chicken
Deacon G’s mom – Grammy Sugar got married this past weekend. She had been a widow for almost 11 years. Everyone enjoyed getting together but my kids especially liked getting to see their cousins. It was fun for me too, to see how they kids are similar and how they differ, not just in ages, there is a 13 year age spread between the cousins oldest to youngest.
There is always pretty at a wedding. In this case there was lots of pretty, but I would have to say the girls are particular pretty. Pi and Peanut lit candles, while Princess was a flower girl for Grammy Sugar and Sweet Pea, well look at those big eyes.



Pi was declared before we got to the wedding that she was ready to dance. When we arrived at the church and realized there was no dance floor. She devised a way. She downloaded some music on her phone, put it on speaker and got all the kids to dance with her. If you notice I most of the kids are barefoot by this time. And being barefoot makes everyone happy.

The bride and groom had a cupcake tree. The frosting on the cupcakes was sky high. As you can see the girls really dug into them.

Ever try to take pictures of kids, ever try to take pictures of more than one kid at a time?
take 1  - umh which camera do I look at?
take 2 – what is that on the ceiling?
take 3 – got it!


justamouse said...

How wonderful to find love again. The kids look like they had a blast.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Yes it was a wonderful evening. And the kids really enjoyed seeing their cousins, plus they got to get out of school one day.

JOYfilled Family said...

praise God for such a blessed occasion to celebrate.

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