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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

No special theme this week just a bunch of my favorites from the last couple of weeks

My boy is truly a boy, Working on his Big Wheel


My gardens are dead, but not completely, The sunflowers the birds plant are growing.

My kids really do love each other. Peanut, took this pictures her self.


One baby quilt down two more to go! Next time I will request that all of my relatives not have babies in the same year. Interesting fact, if you look in the background of the picture of Peanut above you can see here baby quilt. I have been making baby quilts since before my oldest was born. Each one reflects the personality of the child or family – or at least my interpretation.

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Felicia said...

Love to see siblings lovin on each other!

Evelyn said...

Wow, those are fun pictures! I love the Big Wheels getting fixed. :-)

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

I was just as surprised to see these pics too. My kids had used my camera and I got these great pics.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Love the photo of them together.

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

thanks Sarah, I am not sure if Pi took that photo herself or her sister Peanut did.

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