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Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes

We are getting ready for a wedding around here, Next week my mother in law will be getting remarried after spending the last 10 years as a widow. My kids are excited to be part of the wedding and see their cousins. Since we live 12 hours away from them, we don’t get to see them too often.
I got my hair cut today. I treated myself to a real haircut, in a real salon. When I was a young, single, footloose young professional, I would go to the salon about every 6-8 weeks like clockwork. I would get the obligatory cut and color. It was nothing for me to spend $90 on my hair maintenance at each trip. Once I became a SAHM it became harder for me to find time for my regular hair appointments.  My 6 weeks became 12 weeks, then 6 months. I started to wear the ponytail more.  Last year at my our school carnival my husband bid on and won a haircut with a deep conditioning treatment. I am quite happy with my shorter sassier hair do. BUT after using the no-poo method for the last 3 months my head is itching from the shampoo. Next time I will just skip the wash.
The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is coming up. it is hard for me to think of NYC and not picture the towers %there in my mind. I made many field trips to NYC when in high school, and the World Trade Center was frequently on the list of places to visit.
Fall is my favorite season of the year. I absolutely love all things associated with it. The crisp air, sweaters, tights, the food. Yes, you read that right, the food. Apples are best in fall. They just taste so much better and there are so many more varieties available. My all time favorite is McIntosh, but I think I am loving the Paula Red.
We recently simplified our family schedule. We are down to activities just three nights a week for kids. I have been on a quest to simplify things around here for a while. You say I have minimalist tendencies. Our family motto is “Less is More”
It seems my son is a bean pole. We have problems finding clothes that fit him. He is at the 97% for height for his age, and his  BMI is 14.5, which is at the 19th percentile.  A BMI of 14.5 would be considered underweight in adults. What does this mean?  What this means is that he is boney and next to no body fat. You can see most of his bones in his torso, all the time. And believe it or not this is the highest BMI he has had since he was born. He came out a long baby, being the third kid I don’t remember the exact length, but I want to say it was 23”  and 10 lbs. Yes you read that right. I am 5’5” on a good day. I still am not sure how he fit. Now why am I telling you all this about my son? Remember #1 up there. The family wedding. I need to outfit my son in a black suit for next week. I have never been able to find a suit to fit him. His arms are too long for a size 8 and a size 10 makes it look like he is wearing a hand me down from his 13 year old sister. Interestingly enough the 11 year old can wear the size 10 blazer and have room enough for a sweater underneath.   We may be doing some last minute fashion show style alterations. You know the type, where they take in an article of clothing using clothes pins and safety pins. so it looks good for the runway or photo shot.  Unless anyone out there has a boys sports jacket in a 10 slim and matching pants in a size 8. If you don’t would you please send them may way. Thanks
I suffer from insomnia, sometimes it is caused by the pain I deal with. Sometimes I just can’t turn off my brain. Either way it is not fun.  What are your favorite natural remedies for insomnia?

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Paula said...

I want to try a Paula Red apple!

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

too funny, Paula, my daughter used to like the Pink Lady Apples, because she thought that would be an apple a princess would eat. Of course it goes with out saying that she was three at the time.

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