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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty Happy Funny Real–Kids took my camera Edition

round button chicken

My kids like to use my camera I never know what they will take pictures of.  Some are just silly, some are beautiful

I just love the macro on this picture of the sunflower. Right now thanks to the hottest summer on record and a drought, the only thing blooming in my gardens are the sunflowers that the birds have planted. Normally I don’t let to many of these grow. I keep the ones I allow to grow in a certain part of the yard. But if they are this hardy they deserve to grow and they will give the birds some free food.
This was the sunrise the other day.  Yes, my daughter took this picture. We are up that early for school. If you look REAL close on the bottom you can see our pond.

Happy (and one sad)
There is so much to be happy about in this picture. Least of all is that my lawn is growing back after the extreme summer we had. This would be my Peanut. We were at a consignment sale and she saw this tutu. That was all she wanted from the clothes. I guess I am somewhat a pushover because here she is wearing it. I am also happy that the grass is green again. We had a brief week of rain, that ushered in some cooler temperatures. Apparently that was enough to get the grass to grow. Now we just need to get the part for the lawnmower. I think it is being shipped from the North Pole.

This is what my lawn looked like on September 10th
Even the dogs are happy to be outside and enjoy the weather. I swear Zack is smiling in this picture.

And  this is what my lawn looked like on August 8th.

Funny  - or Fun
My kids decided to race Big Wheels down our driveway. Believe me it is not this steep. Pi took these pictures of her brother and sister. The angles make it look like the drop is straight down.
This is a more accurate depiction of the slop of the driveway. You can tell because the dog is NOT defying gravity.
Apparently the Big Wheel needed a pit stop
We have breakfast for dinner once a week. Last week we had toasted corn tortillas with farm fresh, pastured eggs, Yes, if you have never had them, they are that  yellow, with papitas, refried black beans and salsa. A great hit with the family

We are a family of creative individuals here. This is our arts and crafts corner. I would like to say that someone had just finished a project, but sadly this is what the desk looks like still as I write this, and the kiddos are at school. Before I had children I was very organized. I used to organize my husband's socks by color.  Now I have learned to let go and let kids have fun. This little corner is in a part of the house not seen by many so it can stay a work in progress. 


Anonymous said...

I found your blog, liked it and am following. I love the pictures but now I am more in love with you because of your very messy, creative corner! This one picture made my day! SInce I love to write, scrapbook, research and create creative stuff too, (as does my precious girl) we are given over to creative messiness and corners...Fobndly, Dawn (Modern Day Disciple) @ Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Dawn, Thanks so much, comments like that make my day too! We always have a mess somewhere. My kids like to build and create as much as I do.

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