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Saturday, May 14, 2011

He Has Been Called

The letter arrived today. The pictures are not the best I know but the seal is there, the Bishop’s signature and G’s name.
It is official.
My husband has been called. Well, we knew seven years ago. My husband and I were seated at a dinner with our Parish Priest, when my husband announced that he was thinking of becoming a deacon. It was the first time I had heard him say such a thing. I almost dropped Pumpkin. He was a newborn back then. About 9 months later our diocese started holding informational meetings. I think G went to all of them.  We both met with the formation committee. G entered into formation when our kids were 7 5 and 1. They are now 13, (almost)11 and 7. Along the way we have made great friends and seen families and kids grow.  Now we get to prepare for our next step.
Ordination to become a Catholic Deacon. Ordination will be Pentecost 2011.
<----- G is the one in white and black right here.

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CatholicMommy said...

What an exciting time in your life! Also, just read your comment about sleeping through the night at Authentic Parenting. Cracked me up; I might need to keep that one ready. :-)

granola catholic said...

Yes it certainly is exciting for us. This is our last Deacon Weekend and the last time for all 14 families involved to be together. Our next exciting time will be receiving our parish assignments.

Pinching Abe said...

Congratulations! Our deacon moved away more than 1 year ago. It's nice to share the faith with others, while helping take some burden off our dwindling number of priests.

I'm here from Relax and Surf and have become a new follower. Please stop by to see me sometime soon. Have a blessed Sunday.

Patty said...


Pam List said...

Big Congrats!

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