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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Neck of the Woods

In my neck of the woods we decided to get a coconut.
It was a very pretty coconut.
My two youngest wanted to open it. So G know just how to do that. OIMG_4438f course it involved power tools. He drilled a hole it in. We tried to drain the juice/milk. But it was all dried up.  Now we had a coconut with a hole it in. But we could not open it. So what do you think my family did next? They did what any right minded family would do. They took it outside to throw it at the patio.


It was Moldy on the inside. Yuck!
Did I mention that I had bought this coconut before Easter?
So what did my kids do with the coconut? They gave it to the dogs to play with. Coconut Shells make great chew toys- they last forever. Well much longer than any other toy we give the labs.


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Baloney said...

I have two labradoodles. Might just have to go buy a coconut!

granola catholic said...

just follow these directions and have fun opening it.
Seriously they last a really long time. We have two labs and they can make the best play toy out of a coconut shell.

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