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Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Little Girl is Still a Little Girl

IMG_3250It is lisa1hard to believe that my baby girl  is turning 11.  She is still a little kid, that likes to play with baby dolls and Barbies. She took her  own sweet time coming, almost two weeks late, and many days in labor. She  did not want to come. We eventually made the tough decision to have a c-section after 36 hours of natural labor and a stalled labor. For us this was not an easy decision. But it was warranted. It seems in turning head down, did I mention you lay transverse (sideways) until labor?, she managed to get wrapped up in the umbilical cord, completely. It was wrapped aroundDSCF0025nd her neck.  She has always been active. She used to bounce off my hips when I was pregnant with her. I never say a happier child in the bouncy swing. She could barely walk but would bounce on the mini-trampoline.   Deacon G – entered the Deaconate Formation Program when you were 5 so you have literally grown up at Church. 

Pumpkin will try every sport at least once. She has played summer 2010 040Soccer, Basketball and currently is on her local Gymnastics Team. She started doing Triathlons last year and can’t wait to do her next one later this week. Her next big adventure in sports will be to do the local MUD Run.
family pictures 170
She is still such a little girl. We tell her that she is terminally cute. I know we are her parents but she is CUTE. Freckles and all.  I was frankly surprised when just last month she pulled out her old baby doll. The onIMG_4535e she got when she was about 18 months old.  She still likes to play dress up and has been a fairy, numerous times.
family pictures 118

But she is starting to grow up, even if she does not want to. I can see in these two pictures glimpses of the young lady she is becoming.


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