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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cooking with Grass Fed Beef

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Last week at the farmer’s market I was lucky to get some Grass Fed ground beef. I stopped buying grocery store ground beef years ago. after reading an article in Mother Earth News.  I vowed to stop buying prepackaged ground meat in the stores.  So for a long time we did without ground beef. That is until I tried some from a rancher friend of mine. It tasted like real beef, what I remember beef tasting like when I was a kid. Since then I have bought 20 lbs. or so at at time from her excess stock in the freezer. This past week I tried another local rancher’s meat. Have to say I will never buy my beef at the grocery store again.  Both Ranchers, we call them ranchers here in Oklahoma, sell only grass fed beef, grass finished beef. These are happy  cows.  I don’t taste anything but the meat when I eat their beef.
A couple of things to know before you cook with grass fed beef. It is leaner than regular beef found in the supermarket. Even the organic. You often have to add fat to the ground meat.
Now on to the recipe – this makes enough for 4-5 people as a main dish with a side of vegetables.
  • Grass Fed ground Beef – 1lb
  • Simple tomato sauce
  • One Onion, diced
  • One Green Pepper 
  • Brown Rice – enough for 4-5 people
  • olive oil

  1. In a cast Iron pan sauté onion in olive oil
  2. Cut the pepper into strips, and add to the onion and olive oil
  3. Add the ground beef and cook until browned. You may have to add more olive oil
  4. Stir in Simple tomato sauce
  5. Serve over brown rice
  6. ENJOY

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    Anonymous said...

    I can find it here in my neck of the woods from time to time, and I agree that it tastes MUCH better than store-bought.

    The recipe looks delicious!

    The Gentle Mom said...

    I only buy grassfed, grass-finished beef. It costs an arm and a leg, so we use it sparingly, but it it SO MUCH better than supermarket meat. I'm actually thinking of ordering a side of beef in the coming months. The price is much lower than buying individual cuts.

    Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

    I need to find a freezer in order to order the side of beef. But G - and I can't agree on the style. I like upright he likes chest. But I am the one who will be organizing it and falling into it to get meat out.

    Kara said...

    I also only buy grass fed beef. I am not as lucky as you though. I can’t seem to find it locally. I order my grass fed beef online from La Cense Beef. They are an approved USDA grass fed program from Montana. I actually love to order online. It’s so convenient because they deliver it right to you. Like you, I also buy excess and store it in my freezer. Works out great for me!

    Keli said...

    I wish I had the money to order another side of beef. I miss having the grass fed beef in the freezer.

    Thanks for sharing at What's Cooking Thursdays! This recipe looks amazing!

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