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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father’s Day–What Makes a Man a Good Father?

What Makes a Good Father?
There have been two men in my life I have been honored to call father, my own dear Dad, and my Husband. They really were cut from the same grain. It really is no wonder, since a girl given a good father looks for those same qualities in a mate. 
Both men are
  • thrifty – they know the value of a dollar and are not waste full with money
  • resourceful – both my Dad and Husband know how to make things work with what they have one hand.
  • leaders of other men – My Dad built his own business and my husband is a leader in church
  • hard working – this one is self explaining, they work hard at their work/business and work hard at home. Neither my Dad or Husband are ones to sit around the house watching sports on TV. The only sports they watch are the ones their kids or grandkids are playing.
  • handy – My Dad built his own dream house and my husband has been the lead in renovating our 50 year old farm house.
  • understanding – they are not judgmental when they come home to a messy house and happy kids.
  • full of integrity – They keep their word and do what they say. You can count on them to help others out.
  • humble –they are quick to share the credit for the work they do and point out other’s good work.
  • reliable  - You know what to expect of them
  • concerned for others – They will go out of their way to help others, even when it is not convenient. Like take a neighbor to work or help out a stranded motorist.
  • know  how to make their children feel important  safe and loved
  • are supportive and give their kids wings – My Dad sent me to France when I was just 14 and my husband has sent our 13 year old on the Tour de Relatives.
  • make time for their kids activities, my husband goes to the kids games, and concerts. My dad never missed a soccer game or dance recital
  • although they both love their children, They love their wives even more.
  • they allow their kids to learn from their mistakes, failure is not a bad thing
  • their love is unconditional
  • They give just enough to their children to make them self reliant.
  • they teach their children things that are important – like how to do things on their own.


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Happy Father's Day!!

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