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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Small and some Not So Small Successes This Week


Okay so I am a day late with this but we have been very busy here.
1. Success number one, G is one step closer to ordination as a Catholic Deacon. Last Sunday he made his profession of faith and signed his oath of fidelity to the Bishop.
G - last step on the road to deacon

2.  We have made progress in getting our house ready for company. Yes I know it is family, but you still want everything to look its best.

3. My first ever submitted blog post to Blogher got featured by them as a spotlight blogger in the Green Living section. Yes I was whopping it up and doing a happy dance.

Little successes on all the fronts here at Granola Catholic


Patty said...

Those are very big successes! Congratulations on all of it :)

Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

Thanks Patty, now if we can only keep the house clean and have everyone get here safely for next week with no new illnesses/or accidents.

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