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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summertime Activities for Bad Weather

Okay the kids are home and you are coasting along, picnics at the park, hiking, swimming. But ack! Mother Nature has thrown some nasty weather at you. What do you do? Summertime activities suddenly have to change to accommodate bad weather. In some cases bad weather may a rainy day (or week) or temps that are too hot to handle (like over 100 degrees).  We tend to get both of these conditions during any given summer.
So what is a mom to do when the weather is Bad over Summer Vacation?
Some fun, frugal ideas

  • Have an Arts and Crafts Day – You really don’t’ need an lot of Arts and Crafts supplies, some crayons, paper, glue, scissors, yarn, popsicle sticks. You really don’t need a craft project either. Just set out the supplies and let the kids loose. Be prepared to step back and be amazed at their creativity.

  • Try the Dollar Movies or Check to See if there are Any Free Children’s Movies in Your Area

  • Kids Bowl Free – is  great way to beat the heat during the summer.

  • Check out the Library – many offer fee summer programs, get some books, maybe a special movie

  • Have a Tournament – pick a favorite board game and play it tournament style

  • Puddle Jumping  – even it if raining, as long as it is not lightening you can go out and play in the rain. In fact kids will find this great fun.

  • Go for a Swim -  again this can be done at 100 degrees or in the rain (as long as there is not thunder or lightening).  One of our favorite swimming holes is best enjoyed when it is 100 degrees out. It is spring fed and the average water temp is about 50 degrees

  • Set up an Inside Jungle Gym or Obstacle Course – This one was great fun when my kids were little. We would take the cushions off the couches and chairs, use throw pillows. They could climb, jump and crawl to their hearts contents. A great thing when it gets hot and the playground equipment gets to hot to touch.

  • Have a picnic inside -  spread out the picnic blanket on the floor and have your picnic inside. Kids really do like this one.

  • Nap Time  - take advantage of the bad/too hot for hades weather and mandate a rest time. Everyone goes to their room for a “Siesta”.  Sometimes kids just need some downtime too, from doing it all during the summer.

  • Museums check out local museums. children’s , art museums, history museums.  As someone who once worked in museums, I am HUGE  fan of taking kids of ALL ages to museums of all sorts. Many even have FREE days.

  • Set up a Tent- ( or build a fort)  Yes you can do this inside. And what kid does not like going inside a small space? It makes them feel cozy. Let them camp out inside the house

  • Bring out the Blocks and Legos – Let the kids take over the living room and build a city.

  • Invest in a mini –trampoline – These are great for kids who are stuck inside it lets them burn off some energy, and as a bonus moms can use them to work out too. If you can get the kids off of them.

  • So what are some of your favorite Beat the Heat/Rainy Summer Day Activities?


    PhaseThreeOfLife said...

    Your post is so timely for me! I live in Phx, where it's a balmy 110 today. DEFINITELY looking for some fun indoor activities. ;)

    Found you on the weekend blog hop! Following you now!

    Lisa - the Granola Catholic said...

    I can imagine, we are slatted to hit the 100's a little early in the year for us. My kiddos did a triathlon in the morning and now we are resting inside in prep for a sleepover tonight. More water play with that but, after 7pm for sure.

    Sisters 'N Cloth said...

    Lots of great ideas :) I look forward to reading more of your posts! New follower from the Super Stalker blog hop!


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