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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Make History Come Alive - Family Friday - Fourth of July Edition

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Making History Come Alive
The fourth of July is coming up this weekend, in fact many of you are enjoying an extra long weekend. For some it means a family picnic, for others a trip to the lake or the shore. Many will take advantage of the long weekend and take a vacation trip or go camping.  There are so many ways to celebrate the Fourth of July.
This year, with the long weekend you might consider adding a visit to  a National  Monument or Historical Landmark. – Many states have places where where you can go see history come alive. In some states you can take advantage of Colonial sights and visit them. I am envious of my oldest daughter, as she is in Boston as of writing this and will be infamily pictures 091 the Philly area this 4th of July. Nothing like visiting the Birthplace of Our Nation for a National Holiday.North Church

In our neck of the woods they have an Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration at a  Civil War Fort in Ft. Gibson, OK .  Historians, and reenactors come out and put on a celebration Post-Civil War style. We took our kids recently and they
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had a blast.
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Visiting Places like this with your kids really makes history come alive. For us the bonus was there was no entry fee for this Historical Sight All it cost us was some hats for the kids. GORP’s website has a pretty comprehensive list of all the national and state historical sights. 
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Visiting the Civil War Fort on the 4th of July did not interfere with any other plans we had that year. In fact it was an impromptu visit and we were done, had time for lunch and swim and were home in time for fireworks that same night.
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